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CENTURY LINK: Ear-deafening Noise

The earth rumbled; the seats were shaking


People grabbed hold of one another - quaking


Was it an earthquake or a massive tidal wave?


No - just Marshawn Lynch scoring to save the day.

Seattle’s CenturyLink Stadium can easily boast being the LOUDEST stadium on the planet Earth - any maybe in the galaxy! Architect Joe Niemuth was specifically required to design the stadium so that it would retain crowd noise. He succeeded by creating a roof that uses big curved parabolas, (Yes, math geeks, parabolas), which results in 70% of the stadium being covered.  He used this design because he knew that sound dissipates in open air. To make it even rouwdier, he built the seating in a bowl-like shape that naturally deflects the sound inward. The result: when the fans cheer, it is deafening!  

When C-Link fans cheer

they roar

So hold on tightly

Whenever they score

The stands will rumble

The defense will tumble

The opponents crumble

Advice: never FUMBLE!

CenturyLink Stadium in downtown Seattle sits just south of the historic Pioneer Square, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the glistening Puget Sound. It is unlike any other stadium in the world. Inside the stadium there are perfect views of the field and surrounding area,  CenturyLink Field is designed with a 67,000 seat capacity with sideline seating a mere 52 feet from the playing field and end-zone seats just 40 feet from the action! And with a punny name, CenturyLink Stadium has cheerleaders known as the Sea Gals!