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Most famous man-eaters in world history.

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Throughout history and the world humans have been the victims of fearsome maneating beats both imagines and ........... wait for it............... REAL!


Read on and find out about some of these ferocious beats!

From the moment tiny baby piranhas hatch from their microscopic eggs, they come into the world armed and dangerous. Baby piranha will feast on tiny crustaceans, fruits, seeds, and aquatic plants. Once they reach about 1.5 inches in length they begin feeding on the fins and flesh of other fish that wander too closely. As they grow larger they begin to venture out in groups (shoals) of about 20 fish where they use a variety of hunting strategies to kill and eat their prey. Heck, they don't kill their prey first, they just start eating the victim alive - that's what makes them so ferocious. Adult piranha have been known to eat their own babies. Talk about brutal!

PIRANHAS: Fearsome Creatures of

the Not So Deep!

BEWARE of the Smiling Crocodile!!

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